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Get gorgeous with gaffe-free Makeup Kit

Many women these days buy makeup products out on a whim. And the result is a heap of dump products. Now, think a little bit and instead of adding morgues to the graveyard, read this blog to find out, which items to buy that you can actually use repeatedly. Makeup amateurs tend to be confused with the plethora of products available out in the market. From brushes to curlers, blushers to bronzers and what not. A makeup kit becomes necessary when you want to look presentable in an office or glamorous in a party. It evens out your skin and results in a perfect glow, which you require.

It is obvious that you cannot pick every product and test it personally. In this blog, you would find all the essential products required for a basic makeup and at the end will be the review of our 2 best deals. One advice don’t go for really cheap makeup sets.

Read on to discover, which all products you need to put your hands on and have it in your makeup kit.

  1. Moisturizer and primer

A great start to a successful makeup begins with the right moisturizer. After washing your face, prep it up with a good moisturizer and primer. This gives a flawless base to keep up the makeup in its place for the whole day.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer and Lotus professional protective lotion are some best picks available on Flipkart.

  1. Foundation and concealer

All the females reading it would know the pain of a cakey foundation on their face but don’t worry this flaw can be recovered by swiping an opaque concealer above it. This ceaseless formula has the power to hide all the imperfections and also allow you to use less foundation. When you pair Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Foundation with Coloressence HD Concealer, no one would be able to make out where your makeup starts and where the skin ends. It’s a must have in your makeup kit.

  1. Eyebrow pomade and brush

Eyebrows are the important and most attractive feature in a girl’s face. Use makeup Revolution London Brow Pomade for an easy and smudge-proof application.

  1. Mascara and eyeliner

Using those false lashes is not every girl’s cup of tea. And to be honest, it is not a necessary thing to fiddle with. Instead, you can use Kat Von D Tattoo Liner to give the impression of thicker fringes and a few swipes Elizabeth Arden Extending Mascara volumize and dramatize your lashes.

  1. Lipstick

No makeup kit goes without a lip colour. Now you have two choices either choose a nude shade or go for a go-to colour.  These two hues are versatile and keep you flattering all day long. Chose from the brands of Coloressence and Maybelline.

  1. Rushes and other tools

Makeup tools come in handy when you want a flawless skin. For precise and effortless blending, LUV-LI Professional and Lifestyle-You Mega offer great results.

  1. Blush and highlighter

For a subtle and bright glow classic brush and a highlighter adds to your skin a healthy colour. Makeup Revolution and Sivanna have both become the colour favourites of every girl and must to have in a makeup kit.

  1. Eyeshadow palette

Pure Vi is the best option to try offered by Flipkart if you are keen to experiment with your eyes. This palette offers a wide range from nudes to hue of bright colours. Woow! Isn’t it a great option to play with?

  1. Makeup wipes

Now the party is over. And a good girl never goes off to sleep with makeup on her face. GINNI COIN 100 and ZUCI aloe Vera wipes are some secret for an instant makeup removal without any smudges or blackening your face.

Top 2 Makeup kit brands that you should definitely consider are mentioned  below –

  1. Mars ADS Fashion Colour Makeup Kit

A full packed makeup that gives a perfect glow for an alluring look. Mars ADS offers a great highlight to the face and leaves a long lasting impact that keeps the skin soft and moisturized. A great collection at an affordable price and designed especially for those who stump for coordinating with the perfect match with their dress. People who are looking for bridal makeup kit online can select this one.

This kit includes:

48 eyeshadows

3 blushers

4 compact powder

6 lip colours

1 mirror

1 puff

  1. Shany Carry All Trunk Professional Makeup Kit

This all in one heavy loaded trunk is specially designed for professional dancers, theatre performers and who are makeup novices. Its high-end finish eyeshadows, lip colours and eyeliners, would make you go gaga. It is quite an expensive investment but the wide range of high-quality makeup is worth shedding a good amount of bucks. Moreover, this makeup kit comes with a double-sided aluminium case, hence, no damage would be done to your precious beauty possession.

This kit includes:

4 mini eyeshadow palettes

2 lip glosses

2 lip liners

3 lipsticks

3 nail varnishes

1 blush brush

Dual side eyebrow brush

2 eyeshadow brushes

3 dual side eyeshadow sponges

3 blushes

Makeup bronzer

long-lasting eyeliners

A note for all the beautiful women: it is not necessary to use all the products mentioned above. You can use different combinations according to your usage. Each of the product mentioned above is versatile in nature and would make you feel comfortable all day long. Flipkart & Amazon has many makeup kits on sale. Practice new techniques every day to give yourself a new ready look each morning.

Have a happy play with your colours!

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