Why Cash on Delivery is Better for You?

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Cash on delivery or popularly known as COD is an emerging payment mode these days. One of the major reason being that you do not have to pay before they are delivered to your doorstep. This option offered by online sites helps in building trust, especially for the new buyers.

Cash On Delivery changing the shopping scenario

It is no point denying that COD is the biggest game changer ever. Flipkart was the first ever commerce player to offer COD service. After this service offered by Flipkart, everybody who didn’t own a card could shop online with just one click. Amongst some small-scale businesses, cash on delivery is a reliable option, as it does not require the purchaser to have a card and also these businesspersons are not required to pay any convenience fees.

Below are some benefits, which a buyer can avail from the cash on delivery option

1. Trust

The very first thing about using cash on delivery option is the trust. You can easily trust any renowned or a new company as you are paying after receiving your product. All the well acquainted online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra and many more offer the COD payment mode.

2. Hassle free transaction

Another great thing about this payment mode is that you do not need to pull out your card every time or go out to deposit money in the bank. It is simple and easy. Just give the cash and take your product. This makes it another favourite mode for every user while shopping online.

3. No frauds

It is obvious that while shopping online it can be dangerous as there are chances of frauds when you make an online payment. However, when COD is available you do not need to worry about your card. Therefore, cash on delivery service is safe and easy to use and you will not lose any money as in case of cards.

4. Guaranteed cashback

If you do not like the product then every site offers you the money back guarantee. Also, some sites offer the service of opening the courier before paying and if you don’t like the product you can return it at that moment only. Thus, this makes COD a reliable option when compared with other payment modes.

5. Cheap rates

Cash on delivery is the cheapest mode of transaction and sites like Flipkart, Amazon & BonZeaL do not even charge extra money for delivery. Whereas in case of cards some banks deduct a certain amount on making any online payment. Hence, with this option, you only pay for the product and no extra charges.

Flipkart Deals

Whether it is the thrill of ordering a product or fear of commitment without having any instant monetary payment, cash on delivering has become the favourite and accepted option amongst the buyers and the sellers. Thus, easy COD or EMIs has increased the average purchasing capacity of an Indian consumer. And with the easy returns and money back guarantee this option has proved to be a benefit for many consumers. So from now onwards let’s find great deals on dealsbig and shop online with cash on delivery.

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