Grab Attention With VivoBook S15 #BeyondTheEdge #AsusIndia

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Tech Revolution and change of time have led to numerous transformations in our lives. Laptops once considered a luxury have become necessities. The needs of human beings have evolved and so are our preferences. There was a time when desktops were the kings as they were fast and efficient. But the fact is that they are bulky and not portable. I have never been a fan of desktops or huge and heavy laptops either. Thankfully now we have ultrabooks to cater our needs. We can watch movies, play games or even do our intensive work on the laptops. We now have Asus VivoBook S15 to our rescue. It’s a true combination of style and power. A must-have for the fashionistas around.


Key Highlights of Asus VivoBook S15 :

  • Intel i5/i7 8th Gen Processor
  • Nvidia Geforce Mx150 Dedicated Graphics
  • Super Slim and Light Weight just 1.7kgs
  • Nano Edge Bezel with 80% Screen to Body Ratio with Full HD Display
  • Super Fast Charging 60% in just 49mins Up to 8 hours battery backup
  • Fingerprint Sensor can keep your notebook secured
Vivobook S in India
It comes in two color variants : Grey & Gold

What are some qualities that I share with Asus VivoBook S15? #BeyondTheEdge #AsusIndia

I am a person who is always on the move. I am myself slim & stylish and hence I want a notebook to compliment me too. With Vivobook S in my hand, I ‘ll feel like a real Prince. The Gold colour has a royal feel to it and it’s definitely gonna be a talk amongst the friends. The weight of Vivobook S15 is just around 1.7kgs which makes easier to move around with it. Its stunning looks are to die for. A match made in Heaven I must say 😛

I am always enthusiastic and want to finish my tasks as fast as possible. Now with Vivobook S, I can easily do all my jobs quickly because it has i5 8th Gen Processor which is not only fast but super efficient in turn saving a lot of time. It’s gonna be ablaze to work on this machine. A fast computer keeps our enthu going. It enhances our productivity and efficiency at the same time. A lag free laptop is a must in the fast-paced world.

Talking about Power, I am strong and powerful from inside. Thanks to my parents who made me strong enough to be able to face all situations of life with ease. Asus Vivobook S gives us a similar advantage as it has a powerful Nvidia Geforce MX150 dedicated graphics processor to give us the extra power for tackling heavy processes such as High-Resolution Image and Video Editing along with some light Gaming (Which I love to do in my free time). It can provide you with an extra edge which becomes extremely useful during the graphics-intensive tasks.

I get energized with just a bar of chocolate and I work for at least 8 hours a day no matter it’s weekday or weekend. Similarly, Vivobook S15 has quick charging which gets’s charged 60% in just 59mins, runs for about 8 hours a day in a single charge. It is extremely handy when I am constantly traveling or giving presentations to the clients. I don’t have to keep finding a power source every now and then.

Asus is a brand that I have always been fond of. My first Asus laptop was N53 and I used it for like 6+ years without facing any problem what so ever. It’s a brand that you can trust. If you are looking for an ultimate stylish, portable and a superb overall performer ultrabook laptop then look no further. Asus Vivobook S is the perfect choice for you. Asus Has done a marvelous job in bringing this product to the Indian market. I am sure it’s gonna please every person.

The price of Asus Vivobook S15 is just Rs.59,990. You can buy it online or through local authorized stores which you can find here.

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